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Welcome To Morgantown, Kentucky!

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F rom the moment you arrive in Morgantown and Butler county, you’ll realize you’re in an area of rich history and travel destinations. Thousands of welcome guests visit during their travels to bask in the area’s many unique offerings. Whether you are honey mooning, newlyweds or seasoned family travelers, you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy!
Points of Interest
There are many sites to visit in Morgantown and Butler County. The banks of the Green River are dotted with ancient Indian mounds and other National historic sites. Guests often enjoy beautiful parks and campgrounds. Visit the Windswept House, birthplace of Thomas Hines, the most dangerous Confederate spy. Roam the site of the October 29, 1861 Civil War skirmish. Visit the resting place of Arnold Shultz, the Pioneer of Bluegrass Music in Morgantown. Be sure to visit the Civil War monument in beautiful downtown Morgantown, one of the few in the nation honoring both the North and the South. Spend some time in Rochester, known as “Queen of the Green”, and beautiful Logansport. To complete your stay, visit Reed’s Ferry, the last county operated ferry in Kentucky.

Morgantown and Butler County host many annual events including the Fourth of July Catfish Festival, Spring Fling, Harvest on the Square, Christmas Parade, Festival Parade, Civil War Reenactments, Concerts on the Courthouse Lawn , Cruise Ins and much more! The events incorporate an extensive selection of sporting events, crafts, food and entertainment.
During your visit with us, we invite you to enjoy our accommodations.
We have bed & breakfast houses to choose from as well as comfortable cabins overseeing city of Morgantown. And of course we have a couple of motels to choose from as well.
Area Attractions
Fourth of July Green River Catfish Festival (July 1-4)
Rochester Arts, Crafts and Music Festival (September)
Ancient Indian Burial Mounds
Indoor/Outside Flea Markets
Spring Fling Arts & Crafts Festival (April/May)
Harvest on the Square Festival (October)
Charles T. Black City Park
Civil War Monument
Historic Hammers House
Reed’s Ferry
Cedar Ridge Race Way
Green River Woodbury Museum
Hidden Valley Golf Course
Historic Helm House
Steam Boat Landing Marina
Green River
Our Goal
Our goal is to provide our guests with the best vacation and travel opportunities and continue serving them with our finest offerings. The Chamber of Commerce and area businesses sincerely welcome the opportunity to serve you. Please contact us for a history book recently published on Morgantown-Butler County!